24K Gold Plated Physical Bitcoins - Bit Coin BTC Approved.


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 Finally you can own a piece of modern history. The original gold bit coin commemorative round will always be a conversation piece and will never lose its beautiful shine. Be the first to own one now and show it off. You will never see a more beautifully molded physical bit coin at such a low price again. Get on the wagon now and order a few before they sell out or get banned again.


Diameter: 40mm

Packing: Hard Plastic Capsule

Net Weight: 1 Oz(28g)

Thickness: 3mm

Material: Gold Plated Iron

Logo: Virtual Money Bitcoin

1 OZ Bitcoin 24K .999 Purity Gold Plated Bitcoin BTC

Brand New in Plastic Case. Perfect condition!

Estimated Delivery Time (United States):12-20days

Estimated Delivery Time (International):19-39days

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